21 Point Checklist

A. Engine

  • Change Engine Oil
  • Change Engine Oil Filter
  • Change Drain Plug Casket (if necessary)
  • Check Spark Plug Condition & Change (If necessary)
  • Check Drive Belt Condition
  • Check Engine Cooling System for Leaks/ Change Coolant (if necessary)

B. Transmission

  • Check Transmission Fluid Level & Condition/ Change if necessary
  • Check Transmission for Leaks
  • Check Clutch condition (if applicable)
  • Check Clutch Fluid Level (if applicable)

C. Steering System

  • Visual Check Power Steering for Leaks & Fluid Level

D. Brake System

  • Check All Brake Pads & Lining Condition & Service (if necessary)
  • Check Brake Lines & Hoses Condition
  • Check Brake Fluid Level/ Change (if necessary)
  • Check Brake Rotor/ Skim

E. Chassis and Body

  • Check All Shock Absorber Condition
  • Check Aircon Refrigerant Level/ Cabin Filter Condition/ Aircon Service
  • Check Exhaust System for Leaks
  • Check Wheel Bearings Condition

F. Electrical & Otthers

  • Check Operation of All Lights & Switches
  • Check Battery Electrolyte Level & Condition

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