Aircon Repair and Servicing

aircon-repairIs your car air condition system working properly? When was the last time you had the air conditioning system checked? To ensure optimum performance you should have your car air conditioning system serviced at least once every 2 years. Here are some of the common problems that drivers might experience with their car aircon:

  • Air Conditioning is Not Cold or literally blowing out hot air
  • A/C Blower Motor making some noise or not working at all
  • You hear strange noises when you turn on the A/C
  • You smell strange odours when you turn on the A/C

A poorly maintained air conditioning system is a breeding ground for bacteria!

At OSK, we are also equipped with the knowledge and the latest state-of-the-art equipment to diagnose and repair faults. We can also carry out repairs such as changing air conditioning condensors and belts.

We understand  how unbearable the heat from the sun can be in sunny Singapore. We A/C packages that we designed for our clients, we are able to resolve all your aircon issues as fast as with 30mins.

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